Saturday, March 7, 2009

swastika knowledge

Does anyone else on the planet, daily... 24/7, experience a swastika spinning clockiwise in the center of their field of vision? As an American, I feel very say the least. Below is a synopsis of what I have shared with ManWoman and others for over a decade now.

1989. It was after a Swing/Grave double shift(like those I have often worked and the one that I worked the previous night) that I had my first Swastika experience. I went to bed and fell sleep very quickly. After having been asleep for 5 minutes or so...I was semi-reawakened into sort of a trance state. I felt myself being lifted up and out of my body while experiencing a feeling of comfort and warmth. I then experienced a field of visual Easter yellow. My position changed from horizontal to vertical. The field of etheric yellow was around my awareness at all sides. I then became aware of being approached by or approaching an object which was black. The object grew in its perceived relative size as I perceived myself nearing it in proximity. The object turned out to be a two foot in diameter clockwise spinning Swastika. The legs were black and smooth while giving me the impression of being alive...almost insectoid. This whole experience only lasted a few moments. I woke back up and made a mental note(also I think I told my wife, who has since left me). Sometime later I noticed a curious addition to my daily field of vision. Anytime that I focus on what appears to a blurry dime sized flittering depression in the center of my field of vision, I see a small dime sized Swastika spinning clockwise within a translucent background. Like an ultra fine Swiss movement on a watch...only it is LCD in appearance. This does not impair my normal sight anymore than a dried raindrop upon a car windshield blocks the view of the driver. Except for times when I am just relaxing and spacing out and it involuntarily pops into focus, I have to look for and focus on it to see it. I can also see it with my eyes closed, only then it is smaller with a whitish background. The out of body thing has only happened once though. Why have men lied to us about the Swastika? If they don’t know, then why and what are they talking about as authorities for modern man? Talk about lonely...what a world.

Want to see the swastika for yourself in its supersensible form? Try this sometime: when you are lying in your bed at night and have your eyes closed, look at the black visual screen created by your closed eyelids. After a few moments, you will notice a small pea sized circle of white luminescence in the center of the darkness; like a faint light at the end of a tunnel. If you are patient and allow yourself to view the circle of white light behind your closed eyelids, a small pea sized clockwise spinning swastika will appear in its center. Its just that simple.

Or you may try this: while lying on your back in bed in the morning after it becomes light, just relax and look at the ceiling above you in the center of your field of vision. You may soon notice a small translucent coin sized circular variation in the center of your visual perception, not unlike the appearance of a small circular coin sized heat wave. If you are patient, you will be able to bring a small coin sized clockwise spinning swastika into focus. This may actually be done anywhere at any time in the light, whether standing, sitting or lying down and against any backdrop…including the sky.

I sincerely hope that these tips may be helpful to more and more people as time goes by, for they are based upon my absolutely consistent experience for a period of twenty years. May the days of anxiety and stigma surrounding the misunderstanding of the swastika be once again and forever behind us as human beings.

Lone Justice- Wheels
Yellow Submarine/Hopi Indian Swastika

Less Than Zero

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